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Lots of ads for Paramount+ suddenly in the UK.

I kinda wanna tell them “we don’t really know what Paramount is, apart from that it’s at the start of some films but not others. It’s not a brand we care about, so we’re not looking for + of it”.

But I wasn’t consulted.

Wow. Someone raises millions for a Twitter alternative ( and says he’s “Not focused on accessibility.” You mean you ARE focused on exclusion? On ignoring the security and privacy of disabled people (yes- accessibility is privacy and security) Accessibility is a civil right. You can’t “let everyone in” and THEN do accessibility because accessibility IS the door. C’mon Noam Bardin do better H/t @blakereid #a11y

Unsolicited advice: book in more calls with people adjacent to your industry, just to chat or get to know each-other better.

My heart fills up with joy every time I see someone post a screenshot with added alt text.

If you’re a #podcaster looking for community, I run a Discord and would love to have you!

It’s for listeners and creators. Let me know if you’d like an invite.

True crime podcast clip describing something unpleasant 

In case you didn't see, there's 20% off everything at today, prints, cards and original drawings

Hullo. A brief if I may.

I’m a podcast producer and consultant from Birmingham in the UK.

I have a newsletter at where I cover a single minute of podcast audio. It’s fun.

I play the piano and am learning the guitar.

I released an EP of original songs in 2017 and a cover in 2019.

I wrote a kids’ book under a pseudonym that I turned into a podcast in 2021.

Enjoying life, but stuck on level 4.

Looking to follow more people from , , , etc on this profile - please reply with an or help with recommendations!

Boost for reach would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance! :)

This is not a content warning you need to tap through. This is what my iPhone home screen just did.

Just finished Bone Valley, the first limited-run series I’ve downloaded since 2019. I’ll be writing about it in a couple of weeks, as one moment in particular stood out for me.

I believe I have the Find That Pod newsletter to thank for that discovery.

What does it take to make the PERFECT podcast hosting company for fiction podcasters?

I've been noodling on the idea of some sort of "Certified Fiction Friendly" badge to bestow upon service providers that make accommodations for fiction podcasters, because they have different needs than "normal" podcasters.

And now, I've started there very rough outline of a requirements document:

Care to comment?

#FictionPodcast #AudioDrama #Podcasting #PodcastHosting

Back rocking Apple Watch "stand" notifications. Let's see how long this lasts.

Hi … by way of an #introduction

I'm a freelance data-meddler who turns information into #infographics, #dataviz, explainer videos, interactive tools, audio and .... well anything.

I'm normally found bouncing between #Illustrator, #Tableau Desktop, #Excel and #Procreate, and I'm always on the lookout for new tools to play with.

I'm currently exploring #AR, #scrollytelling and audio as ways to communicate data.

Say hi, share ideas, let’s make plans.

Pets — primarily cats and dogs — have the wisdom of the ages in their little heads. The knowledge of an infinite and timeless universe.

They just can’t figure out how to communicate it for our dumb human brains to hear and comprehend. Plus, there’s just so damn much of it.

I used to say this as a bit, but now I think it’s beginning to become a belief.

Happy morning, Monday.

Anyone can recommend a newsletter or blog sor podcast covering new and up and coming social media platforms? Most are talking about the big ones but I'm looking for a news source that covers fresh ones.

Any recommendation would be much appreciated.

#newsletter #writing #writer #socialmedia #podcasts #blog #digitalculture

Dear Twitter ex-pats. When we all flounced out of Twitter loudly proclaiming we were going to Mastodon this sent a message to trolls, nazis that they could set up servers & come here.

If anyone gets harrassed with hatespeech pls note that that is not the culture of Mastodon. Please report & block those users. If you notice a pattern from the same weird domain, block that domain, write a post of the server name w/ a hashtag fediblock so your server admin can follow up & block it for everyone.

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